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Speech Analytics
Solutions for Сompanies of Any Size

The Spitch Solution analyses all your customer conversations, extracting key information for optimising your contact centre and improving customer experience

You would like to automate communications in the contact centre and increase its effectiveness but do not know what to start with?

Are you planning to increase sales through your contact centre?

Are you striving to raise the level of customer service?

Would you like to cut the cost of quality assurance while monitoring 100% of conversations?

Is best practice shared across all your customer service teams?

Is your offering in line with customer expectations?

Is compliance a big headache for your organization?


Capabilities of the Solution

Solving key contact centre issues Speech Analytics helps address typical issues and solve key business tasks:

Key Advantages of Speech Analytics

1 Raising agents’ effectiveness and quality of work

2 Increasing sales by replicating the most effective sales techniques while reducing costs

3 Improving customer satisfaction and reducing risks of non-compliance

4 Identifying directions for further automation of communications and constantly monitoring the effectiveness of automation

100% monitoring

The Speech Analytics solution provides automatic and complete monitoring of 100% of your customer conversations across a wide range of parameters. The accuracy that the Solution delivers is higher compared to more traditional methods.

See how it works

Maurizio MacalusoSales & Business Development Director Abramo Customer Care SpA

"100% of our client calls are automatically audited with the highest accuracy"

The Speech Analytics Solution provided by Spitch

is delivered out-of-the-box and requires little training. It can work off-line, in near real time, or completely in real time

Cloud delivery
On-premise delivery

Try Speech Analytics free of charge

Step 1Fill out the form
Step 2We contact you, show the demo and offer a quick training to use the product
Step 3You upload conversations recordings into the cloud by following the link provided by us
Step 4A full efficiency audit is conducted based on the data received