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An Intelligent virtual assistant can help you cope with an avalanche of calls

48 hours needed for project implementation

The Evolution of conversational AI platforms provides new opportunities for digitalisation in contact centres. Smart robots can now handle a much wider range of tasks automatically, including complex natural language dialogues with customers. The key benefits are customer experience improvement and tangible cost reduction

Cost saving from day one:

Spitch typically starts off with small incremental steps that lead to tangible benefits. To see how this could work for your business situation, we can calculate ROI together with you as well as map out other cost-benefit advantages, timelines and scenarios. Just leave your contact details and Spitch experts will contact you shortly.

Timeline from one of our most recent projects

Solving a major Covid issue for a large government contact centre

«This really helped many people who couldn’t apply for the travel permit online. They didn’t have to wait on the line when calling an overloaded contact centre. This is a resounding success, which can easily be replicated elsewhere»

Alexey Popov,
CEO of Spitch
11:30 am Sunday
19th April
Account Manager
«We got a call from the multi-functional e-government contact centre in one of the largest cities in the country. They were experiencing a major issue regarding handling of travel permits required by the Covid response rules for the people to leave home at the peak of the pandemic».
02:00 pm Sunday
19th April
Contact Centre Manager
We mobilized our team members and got in touch with relevant people at the vendor side to arrange an emergency project planning meeting. «Vendor reaction to our needs was instantaneous».
09:30 am Monday
20th April
Project Manager
Project team starts to crack on: (a) language and NLU models are developed on about 20 questions for information collection provided by the customer; (b) using Dialog Composer and other tools, the team develops the contact centre robot to ask relevant questions and clarify answers, collect and register personal data, and issue travel permits. «It was tough but doable».
09:00 am Tuesday
21st April
The Virtual Assistant (VA) is deployed at the government contact centre and immediately starts handling calls issuing travel permits in a test-run mode, responding to queries, and steering calls to specialists, if required.
03:00 pm Tuesday
21th April
Нead of department at government contact centre
This robot handles up to 25,000 calls and automatically issues around 15,000 travel permits per day, collecting information on up to 20 categories from each caller. «It was just spectacular and a great relief to our contact centre operation!»
hours needed for project implementation
N.Y. Zeitnidi
Commercial Director

«We are grateful to our partner for providing its high quality solutions and support so quickly. The voice bot easily handled 25,000 calls and issued 15,000 travel permits per day. This allowed the client to cope with hotline overload peaking during the most difficult period and issue travel permits to all who needed them! After the pandemic, the voice bot will continue to be used to provide consultations via the client’s hotline.»

The project has been managed to come up with a solution to a very pressing issue thanks to the quality of our development tools and a smart combination of the scripts and neurobot

Catch the moment. Let your customers enjoy the power of AI